About us


Once, we proceeded towards the inaccessible until we could see the abundant light of the Ionian Sea, the Divine light of the monastery, the miracle of nature and its inexpressible wonder.

Our unique and only reward .. the honour to reserve for you the space created by our soul to entertain the ultimate hosts of the same dream.

Where everything
comes naturally


In Santa Thekla luxurious living comes hand in hand with the most outstanding natural scenery. Hear the waves, feel the breeze, let the sun seduce your senses.

Beyond your expectations…


In an unprecedented magical setting Santa Thekla stands for excellency. Offering you exceptional tailor-made hospitality services, to ensure you a majestic stay from day to night. Discover Peninsula Santa Thekla, a truly secluded gem with the most breathtaking view to the infinite Ionian blue.